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Graphic design is the art, profession and academic discipline whose activity consists in projecting visual communications intended to transmit specific messages to social groups, with specific objectives.
The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.
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visual brand identification
Designers involved in such projects work with logos, typography, image library, color scheme, business cards, corporate letterheads and other visual components of the brand.

To preserve the branding theme, designers are developing a style guide. With their help, all products and visual representations of the brand maintain the unity of style, supporting the basic concept.
These can be:
Brand design system (colors, fonts, background, elements, style, illustrations, etc.)
Mockups for all of this.
Advertising graphics design visual brand
visual brand identification ADVERTISING
GRAPHICS User interface design BRAND
Advertising graphics
Marketing events contribute to making the right decision by the audience. Effective marketing is based on the desires and needs of the audience. This is a way of communicating with her, which has a direct benefit, for example, an increase in sales.

Since visual content is more attractive to the viewer, graphic design helps to solve communication marketing tasks and create effective, attractive advertising.
Advertising banners in magazines and on the Internet.
Postcards and flyers.
Posters and outdoor advertising.
Infographics and brochures.
Project presentations.
Advertisements in social networks.
Style of the website.
User interface design
The design of user interfaces accommodates all the elements that interact with the audience in one way or another: screen, menu, buttons, fields and others. The design should make the interface not only attractive, but also functional and convenient. Graphic design is responsible for the aesthetic part, which must necessarily take into account the technical functionality of the project.
Desktop and mobile applications.
Web resources.
Design of publications
Graphic designers of publications work mainly with layouts. But the work also includes the creation of typography, the processing of photographs and illustrations. A large role is given to fonts and other features of the text. You can create a style of publicistic products on a freelance basis, as part of a design agency or working for a specific brand.
Books and reference books.
Newspapers and magazines.
Newsletters and reports.
Catalogs and instructions.
Advertising graphics design visual brand
visual brand identification ADVERTISING
GRAPHICS User interface design BRAND
Packaging design
A box, bottle, bag, container or crate is a valuable marketing tool that must necessarily be attractive.

Packaging designers begin work by creating a concept and complete it after printing the final packaging product. Therefore, in addition to graphics, the designer needs to understand the basics of marketing and industrial design. Typography, photographs, pictures and brand identity elements can participate in creating the appearance of the packaging.
Paper and polyethylene labels.
Cardboard, plastic, metal and wooden boxes.
Bottles, cans and other containers with products.
Wrappers and bags.
Graphic design of the environment
This type of graphic design is dedicated to the stylization of the environment, the environment in which the audience is located. It connects people with the environment, increasing their degree of trust, informativeness or involvement. Therefore, the graphic design of the environment can act as a marketing tool, simplify navigation through the retail space or hold the attention of the audience.
Printed signs and advertisements.
Museum exhibitions.
Stylization of the office.
Interior of a retail outlet.
Stadium branding.
Ads on monitors.
Stylization of the venue for the event.
Art and illustrations in graphic design
Designers create compositions from ready-made elements, or create new forms, styles, layouts. Illustrators also create original works of art that can take any form from fine art to illustrations for books.
Fashion design.
Stock images.
Covers of books, albums, catalogs.
Infographics and presentations.
Conceptual projects.
Web design and applications.
Motion design projects.